TVRA tools by C3L

Security needs planning

Cadzow Communications Consulting Ltd, commonly referred to as C3L, is a consulting company offering advice and development in the area of standardisation related to security (CIA) and privacy. When we say consult we mean working on problems and finding solutions to them. Our problem and solution space is standardisation and within that we specialise in security for telecommunications within the ICT domain, covering privacy protection, protocol design, system analysis and system test.

Our tag line of security needs planning describes much of our approach. Like all things you need to have a goal and unless you know what you’re trying to secure you will not be able to know if the security you’re providing is effective. This is at the root of what has begun to be termed Design for Assurance and Privacy by Design both of which have been spearheaded by C3L. We will continue to refine these paradigms to set the standard in standards development (this is also our secondary tag line – setting the standard in making standards).